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VCDO Post06 -JULY2021 THAN HO The Deity Tiger training - CHARLES PHAN HOANG

 In this Post July you will find the quyen (form, kata)

THAN HO -   The Deity Tiger. 

This is a very important quyen, powerful  in technical training and rich in strategy and life philosophy. THAN HO has five parts for a total of 28 sequences, please see the following pictures.

               Post July 2021

 Than-Ho: The Story




Once upon a time, there was a tiger Master who had many tiger Disciples to whom he taught to be strong and good. Among them one tall tiger was very attentive to the  teaching of techniques and training to become fast and strong, but he was not interested at all when the Master taught about internal energy, philosophy of life and virtues. 
One day this tall tiger, thought that he was the strongest tiger and he could fight against any one including his Master because he has developed various deadly blows. Secretly he trained himself very hard and one day in the deep forest he claimed: "I am the King of the forest. All of you must obey me, otherwise I will kill you". Then he was planning to topple his master and become the King of all tigers.His Master knew about the ambition of his disciple, the Tall Tiger, and he thought that he was still strong enough to fight and with experience he can find a way to kill the Tall Tiger. But that was not his way. So he decided to leave the place and to go explore another forest. A few good tigers followed him but many others stayed to acclaim the new King.

Now the Tall Tiger was the King and he has to deal with the many problems of governing. One of his greatest fear was that one day he will be also toppled by some tiger of his own court or a strong tiger sent back by his former master. This scenario became an obssession in his mind.

One day, while he was going near a mountain he suddenly saw a large tiger appear.  He didn't wait for a second, swiftly he jumped hard to attacked the other tiger. But actually he crashed his body into the side of the mountain and collapsed.

He realized at that instant that the tiger he had seen was in his imagination; he was so obsessed with the enemy that he had an hallucination. It was only then that he realized that everything he had done before was wrong. Now he was weak and some strong tigers wanted to kick him out of the forest. He suddenly remembered what the Master was trying to teach him when he was young. He tried to look for his master but the master had already left. So he tried to remember the part of teaching he was not interested in when he was a young student following his master.
He discovered that before learning to attack others one would have to acquire a solid foundation, to understand every aspect of his training, to learn the techniques but use them in an appropriate way. He recalled the first lesson taught to the young tigers in which the Master spoke of the importance of protecting oneself from one's own illusions and understanding one's true nature. (updated June 2021)

(Ref: /Post July 2021)



Some images from the Story

The tiger must wait patiently for the right moment to attack.

When the young tiger feels in a dominant position and says "I am the king of the forest", the Master leaves. The pupil is happy because he thinks he is ready.

Protecting themselves from themselves

Blocking and abandoning one's ego.


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VCDO Post06 -JULY2021 THAN HO The Deity Tiger training - CHARLES PHAN HOANG

  In this Post July you will find the quyen (form, kata) THAN HO -    The Deity Tiger.  This is a very important quyen, powerful  in technic...