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POST 41 May2024 XUAN KICH 18 Strategies - master Phan Hoang




POST 41 May2024 

XUAN KICH 18 Strategies 





Post 49   May 2024                                              Phan Hoang

  XUAN KICH: The 18 Strategies






     XUAN KICH is a significant martial arts form (quyen or kata) developed by Master Phan Hoang at the age of 87 in 2023. This exceptional work comprises five layers. The first layer includes 18 movements that are executed in a straight line from East to West. The second layer combines these movements with a new concept of training and fighting, which challenges the traditional approach to martial arts. The third layer adds 18 martial art strategies to these movements. The fourth layer, which is almost invisible, contains a theory on Peace and War based on the interpretation of the name of each strategy. Finally, the fifth layer involves oral teaching and learning between the teacher and the student, covering topics derived from the Xuan Kich, an integral mind and body practice.





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POST 40 April2024 -Exercise- Techniques NHAT LUYEN DAM -HAPPY EASTER



POST 40 April2024 


- Techniques NHAT LUYEN DAM 








  POST 40             April  2024







I wish you a Happy Easter if you celebrate it.

In this Post 40 you will find a text on KHAU QUYET, an Exercise, and a Training NHAT LUYEN DAM.

We let you discover by yourself the deep meaning and benefits from these learning since no one can do the practice for you.

NOTE: Please try to discover that the Hitting Method NHAT LUYEN DAM is really a challenge, not only physically but also mentally. Many black-belts have failed this test of doing it 108 rounds! Many of them also failed to perform it correctly in four directions! And some others ask the question: “Why should we learn NHAT LUYEN DAM when we already know how to hit hard?” I hope you will find out that NHAT LUYEN DAM trains us to put various hitting techniques into a System, and the power of a system lies upon the immense capacity for the development of other applications to each technique. A good technician is needed for operating a machine, but an excellent engineer is needed to create the machine.

Phan Hoang, March 31, 2024


         NHAT LUYEN DAM 



Literally “Khau-Quyet” is a short message – one phrase or two – difficult to understand the real meaning for someone from outside. It carries a key to discover a secret or to understand the deep meaning of a teaching transmitted from master to disciples. Also Khau-Quyet is read as a memory technique to remember things.

So, Khau-Quyet is a short message for a secret  teaching, or simply a memory tool, depending on the circumstance.

In my teaching of “Warm-up Techniques” I made the use of two different Vietnamese terms for one English word “Warm-up”.

WARM-UP (Echauffement) =

a)      TAP NONG NGUOI             (Voviet – Vietvodao)

b)      KHOI-DONG                       (Viettaichi, Vietchikiem, Vietkhiphap etc.)

-Why? – This is not a problem of translation; this is a matter of transmitting the spirit (the Mind) of what is taught.

Remember: Voviet-Vietvodao = Art of fighting
while the other remaining 7 disciplines are: Art of Body-Mind Education, except Chi Vat that is in between the two groups.

This is my Khau-Quyet for “Khoi-Dong” Warm-up training:


TAM THEO THAN, KHONG DONG”- Phan Hoang 28-03-2012

Translation? We are waiting for different version from Translation Committee.

Phan Hoang

Letteralmente "Khau-Quyet" è un breve messaggio - una frase o due  il cui vero significato è difficile da capire  per persone esterne al contesto. Contiene una chiave per scoprire un segreto o per comprendere il significato profondo di un insegnamento trasmesso dal maestro ai discepoli. Inoltre il  Khau-Quyet viene letto come una tecnica di memorizzazione per ricordare qualcosa. Quindi, il Khau-Quyet è un breve messaggio per un insegnamento segreto, o semplicemente uno strumento di memorizzazione, a seconda delle circostanze.
Nel mio insegnamento di "Tecniche di Riscaldamento" ho fatto l'uso di due diversi termini vietnamiti per una stessa parola inglese "Warm-up".
WARM-UP (riscaldamento) =
a) TAP NONG Nguoi (Voviet - Vietvodao)
b) KHOI-DONG (Viettaichi, Vietchikiem, Vietkhiphap ecc)
-Perché? - Questo non è un problema di traduzione, questa è una questione di trasmissione  dello spirito (la mente) di ciò che viene insegnato.
Ricorda: Voviet-Vietvodao = Arte di  Combattere
mentre le altre rimanenti 7 discipline sono: Arti di Educazione per Corpo-Mente, eccetto il  Chi Vat che si trova in mezzo ai due gruppi.
Questo è il mio Khau-Quyet per l’allenamento del"Khoi-Dong" Warm-up :

"Dong Khoi: OLTRE Chuyen DONG
TAM DI THEO, Khong DONG "- Phan Hoang 28-03-2012 

Traduzione? Siamo in attesa delle varie versioni dal comitato di traduzione.


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POST 39 -March2024 - NHAT LUYEN GONG Contraction Training - Master Phan Hoang


     When the weather is getting very cold, minus 20C, 

     you will feel stronger standing under the immense blue sky...   

POST 39 -March 2024 

- NHAT LUYEN GONG Contraction Training 

- Master Phan Hoang

      In this Post 39 you will discover the power and the deep meaning of 





POST 39 (March 2024)


LUYEN GONG Contraction Training


Contraction Training ( luyện gồng) is a method of training to develop extraordinary force (strength) both physical and mental. It consists of contraction of muscles in/on different parts of the body while performing a specific exercise. In the end of the movement the contraction is to be held for a few seconds. Each exercise must be repeated at least 9 times for obtaining a good result. In the practice of Vietchidao there are a high number of exercises for Luyen Gong, most are independent and some can be connected together to make a small form (quyen).


Breathing method: Basically the Lung-Breathing-Technique is good to beginner while Belly-Breathing-Technique (Tho Bung) could also be applied in advanced training.







In this Post 39 (March 2024) we have selected for you a form called NHAT LUYEN GONG, meaning Daily Training of Contraction which comprises five movements. Each movement could be detached from the whole form to be executed as an independent exercise.

1.Exercise KIM, Iron

2.Exercise THUY, Water

3.Exercise MOC, Wood

4. Exercise HOA, Fire

5. Exercise THO, Earth

Please see the five attached pictures.








The names of five exercises in Nhat-Luyen-Gong  correspond to the well-known names of Five Elements: 1.KIM, Iron; 2.THUY, Water; 3.MOC, Wood; 4.HOA, Fire; 5.THO, Earth


However for the purpose of this contraction practice the following symbol for each exercise is to be understood as follows:

Exercise 1. Father (Iron)

Exercise 2. Mother (Water)

Exercise 3. Friends (Wood)

Exercise 4. Critical Thinking (Fire)

Exercise 5. Love (Earth)







Our mind has a great influence on our life. So each one of these five exercises does contain a thought for mind reference in our training. The original teaching of Master Phan Hoang is embedded in the following Vietnamese poem from which we will try to adapt the meaning for each exercise, in the context of this Post 39 (March 2024)


  Trời cao đất rộng là cha

   Đại dương tuyệt diệu ấy là mẹ tôi

   Bạn bè chung thủy trọn đời

   Chân tâm xâu thẳm rạng ngời tuệ quan

   Tình yêu chân thật vô vàn

   Sống trong nhân loại biết nhường biết tha./. ’’ -Phan Hoang-


Exercise 1 (Father). The immensity of the sky teaches me, like a father, vision and direction. 

  Trời cao đất rộng là cha

  (Please see pictures)


Exercise 2 (Mother). The wonderful ocean shows me, like a mother, how generous life is.

 Đại dương tuyệt diệu ấy là mẹ tôi

(Please see pictures)    


Exercise 3 (Friends).  Towards friends and companions I want to affirm my deep loyalty.

 Bạn bè chung thủy trọn đời   

 (Please see pictures)                 


Exercise 4 (Critical thinking). Critical thinking is a hard way that helps me to discover the truth in life. 

   Chân tâm xâu thẳm rạng ngời tuệ quan

(Please see pictures)


Exercise 5 (Love). Sincerity in love is the nature of my heart; knowing to forgive is my way of life.    

   Tình yêu chân thật vô vàn

   Sống trong nhân loại biết nhường biết tha

(Please see pictures)



Doing the contraction training of Nhat-Luyen-Gong you will notice some physiological reactions of your body as indicated below.

-Increase the body’s temperature

-Increase the blood pressure

-Increase the blood flow

-Affect the heart rate

-Stimulate the whole body

This is a very dynamic exercise that requires some level of physical effort. So caution is advisable: Be careful, don’t go over your limit! 


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POST 38 -FEV 2024 - BAT NGUYEN The Eight Principles - New Year Vietnamese Tet Festivitie



POST 38 -FEV 2024 

- BAT NGUYEN The Eight Principles

 - New Year  Vietnamese TET wishes


         In this occasion of the TET, Year of the Dragon, we are very pleased to publish in this post all the eight parts of the very important form:  

BAT NGUYEN - The Eight Principles-

  Enjoy your discovery,

  Hope to see you in the International Training Sessions in 

   Ottawa, Canada, May 03-05, 2024

    Master PHAN HOANG









POST 38  - FEBRUARY 2024 



   VIETCHIDAO                File :  BAT NGUYEN Eight Principles Text Pt38 01Fev2024


BAT NGUYEN, the Eight Principles


Like rules in Mathematics, principles in Architecture, grammar in Language, methods in Arts and Sciences, the Eight Principles (Bat Nguyen) of Vietchidao serve as an important guideline of each quyen (form), to Learners, Black-Belts, and Teachers. It is interesting to know that at its creation each quyen in Vietchidao has followed the eight points of this guideline, therefore why using these same principles to check your practice could help a great deal, at different levels depending on your aims.   


The following table presents the Eight Principles, and you can also find the movements and sequences of a quyen (form, kata) called Bat-Nguyen Quyen in the Post 38 (February 2024), which translates these principles in movements for Body-and-Mind exercising purposes.


BAT NGUYEN, The Eight Principles of Vietchidao forms (quyen)


Number               Principle                    Characteristic

No 1 (KHI)


Khí hóa tính



Connection, adaptation, transformation


No 2  (MY)


Thẩm mỹ tính



 Creativity, art, truth, benevolence 


No 3  (Y)


Y đạo tính



Way of life


No 4  (VO)


Võ đạo tính

Martial art


 Determination, effectiveness


No 5 (AN)


 An nhiên tính



Harmony, be unaffected


No 6  (HANH)


Hành xử tính



Vision, timing, aiming


No 7 (KHOA)


Khoa học tính



Method, clarity, research


No 8 (HUONG)


Hướng thượng tính



Progress, evolution, being positive  





POST 41 May2024 XUAN KICH 18 Strategies - master Phan Hoang

  WELCOME TO POST 41 TEACHING ONLINE 04 MAY 2024 POST 41 May2024  XUAN KICH 18 Strategies            VIETCHIDAO ...