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VCDO Post 08 - 01Oct2021 - The form Quyen THIEN HA, Celestial River








 VCDO Post 08 , October 2021









This Post 08, October 2021 consists of two parts


PART ONE posted today , 1st  October 2021 , and 


PART TWO will follow next week, 8th of October.


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                           The eight exercises of the form 

                   Quyen THIEN HA






 VCDO Post 08 , October 2021







Dear Friends,
for most of us September represents the resumption of practice after the summer break, the reopening of schools, and the return to the gym.
These last two winters have been truly challenging for all of us and have tested our resilience, our courage, our willingness to continue on a path that is not always easy.
But now we are here, recharged for an even more determined restart. Even more convinced that what we do is good for ourselves and for others, for our bodies and minds, for society.
If we are here, it is all thanks to GM and its enduring vitality.
Let's not forget all the encouragement and teachings he has sent us through TS in this last period.
TS wants to continue its mission thanks also to your interest, curiosity and contribution that you will show.
We remind you that there are always available the different courses provided on-line to increase your personal knowledge but also your teaching skills. We are an open place where everyone can ask for and provide help, with a view to collaboration at every level.
If you have questions or proposals to make, write, launch an appeal through our platform.
In the meantime, we wish everyone a new academic year full of achievements and reconquests for everyone, new and old students and teachers.
Have fun and see you soon.

Viet Chi Teachers School Team,

September 2021





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VCDO Post 08 - 01Oct2021 - The form Quyen THIEN HA, Celestial River

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