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18 PST June2022 - The Form KHAI MON

 18 PST June2022 - The Form KHAI MON







POST 18 

June 2022


 The Legacy of Khai-Mon Quyen 






 The Legacy of Khai-Mon Quyen 

Punctuation and Permutation.

In 1982, at the Instituto Gerini, Roma, Master Phan Hoang created the form KHAI-MON Quyen.  Its unique properties helped make Khai-Mon a great Quyen, a very rare contribution to the advance of martial art studies. One of the most powerful invention in the form of Khai-Mon is that each of the eight “sacred animal” is considered as a group of symbols of things  rather than a single animal . More importantly, each group is independent.  Another very helpful invention in Khai-Mon is the creation of a specific movement executed between two “sacred animals”, which is the equivalence to the ‘punctuation’ in alphabet. In some sense, Khai-Mon has greatly contributed to the creation of a kind of martial-art-alphabet. Why martial-art-alphabet is important to the study and the progress of martial arts and its numerous related arts? Without having a system of writing people are illiterate. Although they can speak and communicate verbally, we can easily imagine how progress, in many aspects of life, could be difficult to them without a writing system. The best thing in our alphabet is not the creation of A, B, C … but the invention of punctuation marks (coma, semi-colon and period are among the most important). So far, until the creation of the form Khai-Mon, the martial arts did not have a writing system or a punctuation convention. To illustrate the importance of this issue of punctuation let us consider the following well-known example:

    “King Charles walked and talked half an hour after his head was cut off.”

Does this phrase make sense? Of course, it does not make sense.  In this case, clearly the blame is on the lack of punctuation at the middle of the phrase. In many cases, the demonstration and the study of martial-art-forms (kata/quyen) are in a similar situation: confusion of the sense of the kata/quyen. Thanks to the invention of   Khai-mon-punctuation system the road of progress is wide opened.  New kata/quyen created under the influence of Khai-mon-grammar fit much better to modern methods of studying, analysing, assessing, criticizing and synthesizing; starting with a number of kata/quyen of  VOVIET-Vietvodao International, VIETTAICHI, and VIET-CHI-KIEM.

Punctuation helps build separate groups and set relation rule. Thanks to this, independent groups of movements (inside a kata/quyen) can now be easily studied with the application of mathematical formulas such as in permutation, combination, golden number, matrix etc. A whole world of Strategy and Game Theory is now at the reach of such a modern kata/quyen of  Khai-mon-style.

Secret is just a knowledge that the others do not know. In this sense, there are many secrets in the kata/quyen of KHAI-MON. Khai-Mon is a legacy I wish to transmit to you for the sake of progress and for the good of humanity. You cannot learn all that at once even you were a fourth dan, fifth dan or ten dan; we need to be humble and proceed step by step each time you meet me or when I can write to you. Perhaps a Book of Khai-Mon one day could help. But for now, please be patient and learn a few things in this letter, as follows.



Khai-Mon  has eight groups of things symbolized as sacred animals as it follows:

1.Group LONG Dragon

2. Group PHUNG Phoenix

3. Group XA Snake

4. Group HAU Monkey

5. Group QUY Turtle

6. Group HO Tiger

7. Group LAN  Unicorn.

8. Group HAC Crane.  


The dispositions and the evolutions (moves) of Khai-Mon as you have probably learned  how to execute it is called:

The Initial Khai-Mon version.

 Charles Phan Hoang



                                                           END POST 18

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18 PST June2022 - The Form KHAI MON

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