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POST 29 for MAY 2023 - HA-CHI Solstice- Symmetry- master phan hoang


POST 29 for MAY 2023 

- HACHI Solstice

- Symmetry


        POST May 2023



  POST 29 for May 2023

- HA-CHI , Summer Solstice






In this Post, May 2023, you will find the form HA-CHI, Summer Solstice; and some indications on SYMMETRY.

In Vietchidao we often have to deal with three types of symmetry: mirror symmetry, point symmetry, and rotational symmetry. All the three symmetry techniques are important to the study of martial arts but mirror symmetry is the most important for studying our quyen (forms) while the two others are rather for advanced fighting strategy.

We let you enjoy discovering and practicing the four different versions of the same quyen HA-CHI. What a road of wonder!

Be Strong, Be Persistent.

Master Phan Hoang

Canada, May 1st, 2023





                                  UNDERSTANDING SYMMETRY 

                                    THE FOUR VERSIONS OF HA-CHI Solstice

         END POST May 2023 

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