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POST 43 for JULY2024 Form BAT KHI The Eight Energies - HAPPY CANADA DAY - Phan Hoang


Welcome to Post 43


POST 43 for JULY2024

 Form BAT KHI The Eight Energies -









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POST 19  for July 2022








Eight movements explained

by Master Phan Hoang


Movement 1.The salute means to connect to the origins, even if the founder is no longer here. Always starting things with a quiet mind Tinh Tam.


Movement 2. There are two ways to ring the bell

·        THINH CHUNG – Soliciting the bell from above (vertical movement)

·        DANH  CHUNG –Hitting the bell horizontally

• The bell is a sacred object, so you must not hit it. Our way is to ask (soliciting) the bell to play by a vertical movement (Mov. 2) to ring the bell; that means we” SOLICIT” the bell.


Movement 3. Lotus flower is one of the most beautiful and noble flowers in the world. However, when it is needed, we must use the strategy and technique of Lotus to surprise the adversary, and solve problems.


Movement 4.  To travel for a long way be aware of “water” and carefully check it. (“Water” could simply mean water, lake, river, rain , flood and so on, but more importantly: things that have no fixed form, no predictable changing way, no apparent resistance…)


Movement 5.  Be solid like an elephant, but moreover, like a “white elephant” (means an old elephant with great memory and strong experiences).


Movement 6.  Use a “double knife technique” to deal with snakes since a snake will always “be a snake”. But more interestingly, sometimes we could also apply the “double knife technique” to surprise a rogue aggressor.


Movement 7.  Hide the pearl in a deep sea (make your adversary have no hope to win, no way to get any advantage or benefit) 


Movement 8.  Quietly, like in a Zen way, aim to vital points of the situation.


Post 19 for July 2022

Master Phan Hoang,






  POST  19       FOR JULY 202



(A Southern Form of Eight Energies)





1.     Tĩnh tâm bái tổ

·       Meditation and Salutation

2.    Thỉnh chung áp đỉnh

·       Ring the bell; pressure from the above

·       (fig.: Whenever you ring the Bell, you get the "attention" and pressure from "the above".

3.    Liên hoa xuất quyền

·       Start  by using the technique  of Lotus.

4.    Du nhân điểm thủy

·       The traveller point out the source of water.

5.    Thiết thủ bạch tượng

·       The iron head of white elephant.

6.    Song đao trảm xà

·       Applying the double sword technique to kill the snake.

7.    Hải để trầm châu

·       Hide the pearl at a deep sea.

8.    Thiền nhân điểm huyệt

·       The Zen practitioner pointing at vital points.









POST 19   for JULY 2022


Multi aspects (đa dạng) of Bát Khí.






BÁT KHÍ đa dạng                                                

July 14, 2016

Multi aspects (đa dạng) of Bát Khí.

Advanced teaching from Master Phan Hoang

BAT KHI is an important quyen which was created by Master Phan Hoang and taught for the first time at the Vietvodao Stage 1988 in Ottawa, at Carleton University.

At a first level of learning, Bát Khí seems to be a regular form (quyền) consisting of 8 movements for training our body.  Now at advanced level let us explore the multi aspects of Bát Khí.

- Full name. Lĩnh Nam Bát Khí: The Southern Way (Vietnamese way) of 8 Khí.

Southern= Warm, clarity, creativity, freedom. Versus Northern: cold, formal, rigidity.

This indicates the spirit of this “Southern form” quyền.


- 8 Khí. (1) – Usually people often refer to the 6 Khí (Luc Khi) which is well known in acupuncture (i.e the 6 energies: phong, hàn, thử, thấp, táo, hỏa). Here, in our quyen, the term Khí has multi meaning. At first: this are 8 ways or movements to mobilize the Khí through our body. So Bát Khí is a teaching of Inner Energy  Khí Pháp.

(2) – Khí also means the mood, the feeling.

The Buddhist teaching names 7 situations of human being emotion:

            Ai, nộ, hỷ, lạc, ái, ố, dục;

            Sadness, anger, joy, happiness, love, impurity, desire.


In Bát Khí we learn to train ourselves with 8 ways of behavior or inner-power:


Movement 1 Thiên Khí (Celestial)                  -Lyric: Bái tổ, Tĩnh Tâm       

Movement 2 Hạo Khí (Wide)                         -Lyric: Thỉnh chuông áp đỉnh

Movement 3 Hùng Khí (Heroic)                     -Lyric: Liên hoa xuất quyền

Movement 4 Trầm Khí (Precise, Focused)      -Lyric: Du nhân điểm thủy

Movement 5 Quyết Khí (determined) -Lyric: Thiết thủ bạch tượng

Movement 6 Nội Khí (Inner)              -Lyric: Song đao trảm xà

Movement 7 Trường Khí (Long lasting) -Lyric: Hải để trầm châu

Movement 8 Thâm Khí (Deep)  -Lyric: Thiền nhân điểm huyệt


(3) – Khí also means instrument, weapon (võ Khí).  In Bát Khí we learn the 8 ways - using 8 different strategies- dealing with different situations in life:

            1) The quiet way 2) The volunteer way, 3) The lotus way, 4) The Traveler way,

            5) The Elephant iron way, 6) The cutting way, 7) The hidden way, 8) The zen way


(4) – In term of meridians and vital points: Bát Khí is related to several meridians:

            Lungs, large intestine, pericardium, stomach, liver, heart, urinary bladder, kidney.

And a number of vital points. This technical part must be treated in a specific document for acupuncturists only.









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POST 43 for JULY2024 Form BAT KHI The Eight Energies - HAPPY CANADA DAY - Phan Hoang

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